About SC Mastering

Subvert Central Mastering is a professional audio mastering service.

We provide

  • the best possible results
  • at the best possible prices

We use

  • top class monitoring in a purpose-built studio
  • high end analogue equipment
  • the best in digital processing

Please contact us to get started, or if you have any questions.

News section

Into 2019 2019/01/21

Hello all,

2018 was the busiest year ever for us here, hence the slow updates. Some exciting news to come, stay tuned.

We've just updated the clients list a bit as well. About time really..!

Bob's intending to update his blog more frequently this year too. We'll see how that goes.

Keep that music coming, we love it.

Lots of mastering tips from lots of mastering engineers 2017/07/27

.... including our very own Bob.


And some more contributions here;



more info

Gyraf G24 2017/06/24

The new Gyraf G24 "Passive/Aggressive" compressor serial #001 has been in the rack for several weeks now, and it's a work of genius.

Purity of sonics - there are only 4 components in the audio path - coupled with an absolutely unprecedented level of control mean the signal can be manipulated in all manner of ways, without any destructive crossovers or other such nonsense.

Another masterstroke from the Gyraf stable. Awesome stuff.

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